Registration and abstract submission is now open!!


Registration is fairly simple: just fill in the form at the bottom of this page, where you can also fill in your talk title and abstract, and / or your poster title & abstract.

As we are running a combined meeting with Phylomania you do have a choice to make regarding whether you wish to attend just the Australasian Evolution Society Meeting (4th to the 6th) or also combine your attendance at this conference with attendance at Phylomania (6th to the 8th). Those that choose the latter will get a discount on their overall conference fees. Our fee structures are as detailed below.


Please note that the conference registration does not include the final dinner. This is an additional cost of $75pp. This includes transport down to the wonderful Huon Valley and dinner, drinks and entertainment at the magnificent Willie Smith’s Apple shed. This will be a great night so we strongly encourage you to come along. More information on this night can be found here.

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is also fairly simple. When you register you will be asked which form of talk that you wish to give. We have three options for AES: a short 5 minute talk, and a longer 20 (15 + 5) minute talk, or a poster. To confuse things somewhat, those of you attending the Phylomania conference can also opt for a 40 minute talk. Upon registration, you will be asked to provide a title, abstract and author list for your talk. We have several venues in which to host talks so we do not envisage any difficulties in distributing talks as per requested.

For those of you who are attending both the Australasian Evolution Society Meeting and and Phylomania, you will be asked to nominate which of the conferences that you would like to speak at. We will endeavour to get as much of you on the joint day as possible.

Please note that registration and abstract submission will close on the 20th of November 2017.


Here is the online payment form:

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