Food and Wine

One of the many things that Tasmania is famous for is its fantastic produce. Over the past 5 or 10 years this has been combined with Hobart’s ability to retain its best and brightest chefs meaning that there is an ever growing food culture around the city. We strongly suggest that you make the most of it while you are here. Below is a list of some of the best places to eat and drink in Hobart. The list is not at all exhaustive so please get out there and explore other options or let us know if you want more information!


Tasmania has a excellent and growing reputation for producing high quality drinks – from wineries (Devils Corner, Frogmore, Holm Hill, Nandroya, Bream Creek, Pipers Brook, Bay of Fires), microbreweries (Moo Brew, Willie Smiths, Little Rivers, Shambles, Two Metre Tall, Van Diemens, Devils) to distilleries (Lark, Nant, Sullivan’s Cove, Hellyers Road). Many of these are close to Hobart and are open to the public (including Cascade Brewery – Australia’s oldest Brewery). As expected, for a state that has a rich history of producing high quality beverages there are a number of fantastic pubs in which to sample them. We will sample some of them as part of the conference itself, however, if you would like some additional suggestions check out Preachers (Battery Point), The Winston (North Hobart), Shambles Brewery (Hobart City), The Worlds End (Sandy Bay), Jack Greene (Salamanca),  The Homestead (North Hobart), Willing Brothers Wine Merchants (North Hobart), The Glass House (Docks) and if you are around on a weekend (and can find it) we strongly recommend the South Seas Cocktail bar (Salamanca)


There are many great places to eat in Hobart and they span what ever type of food that you might fancy. We are hesitant to suggest anywhere in particular as it is often best to find your own way but we have a few suggestions in case you are at a loose end one night and looking for somewhere to eat. The Salamanca area generally has a wide range of good quality options as does North Hobart (which is a little further a field but well worth a visit if you like good food and drink).

Seafood – Drunken Admiral (Docks), Mures (Docks), Fish Frenzy (Docks), Blue Eye (Salamanca) or try any of the Punts down on the Docks

Asian – Monsoon Thai (Battery Point), Mee Wah (Sandy Bay), Bar wa izakaya (Hobart City), Kostaten Japenese Restaurant (Salamanca), Vanidols (South Hobart and North Hobart)

Italian – Da Angelos (Battery Point), Maldinis (Salamanca)

Indian – Tandoorri Curry House (Hobart City), Kathmandu (Battery Point), Annapurna (Salamanca)

Classics – Ball and Chain (Salamanca), Brunswick Hotel (Hobart), Shipwright Arms (Battery Point)

Upmarket – Franks (Salamanca), Fraklin (Hobart City), Aloft (Docks), Westend Pump House (Hobart City), Urban Greek (Hobart City)

Coffee, Pattersies and Deserts  – Honey Badger (Salamanca), Daci and Daci (Salamanca), Pilgrim Coffee (Hobart City)